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Research and Consulting

Dr. Salem Shalaweh

Dr. Salem Shalaweh

His MSc-degree score was 82%, he has completed his MSc under supervision of Prof Ralf Henkel at the University of Western Cape, South Africa. Furthermore, Prof Ralf Henkel his supervisor of his PhD. He has published several conference and full papers. He has achieved a prize for one of his presentation in 2014, Iran. And South Africa 2017.

During his PhD course, He has achieved capabilities in generating research ideas, maturing hypothesis, developing controlled experimental design and performing experiments to achieve distributable data. He had been competed to solve critically lab issues and clear up factors affecting designed experiments and finally gaining better results with less interfered parameters.

Currently, Dr. Shalaweh responsible for research and consulting at Misurata Infertility Center, Libya. And His registered by ANARA and ICMART, Dr. Shalaweh representing of Libya for collection and submission of assisted reproductive technology results for all country at International conferences as well as publish at peer review journals. Moreover, His aim to contribute significantly to the field by collaboration with deferent countries as South Africa with Prof. Ralf Henkel and Prof. Silke Dyer as well as USA with Prof. Ashok Agarwal and Prof. David Adamson.


To become the region’s premier and specialty by publish with peer review journals and submitting our Data by ANARA software as well as present our work at ESHRE and ASRM. With proficient and compassionate healthcare professionals, modern facilities and state-of-the-art technologies, we are becoming one of the most progressive and advanced healthcare providers in the region by increase our citation